No More Promises

Stop me if you heard this one before. I can almost hear the Smiths ebbing out of nothing, naysaying how I starting the blogging bit all over again. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Once again I’m starting over. Why? Even I don’t exactly know, but the seduction of putting “pen to paper” is all too alluring. The last time I took this helm, I did so thinking I should establish a more relaxed, “peaceable disposition” (Title of a previous blog entry from a couple years ago):

Where I thought I would garner peace from my writing in this medium, I realized that I wasn’t really speaking from the heart. I made it more complicated, more complex.

From a legacy blog post, “Peaceable Disposition”

But here’s the irony—I did it again. I was wrong, even hubristic, to think complexity can’t seep into the journey. I made the whole venture complicated. So, I stopped making promises. I’ll post whenever, and I expect whatever tidbits I feel compelled to write about will be worth digesting. As for the disgusting part, I’ll leave that up to you.

In any case, I think I’ll recap how everything has been going with me. I’m still alive and kicking around. I work for another company now, and I am enjoying the work. We shall see how my fortunes look over the coming years. Things can always change—at the drop of a dime.

So let’s move forward with no more promises.